Counselling is a safe, confidential process where the client can securely and confidently discuss their life and the current situations they face, however confusing, painful or uncomfortable. The situation may be in the present, the past, or holding them back from a happy and successful future.

As an experienced counsellor, Pauline operates in a non-judgemental and respectful environment, assisting clients in working out how they can move forward. She is an experienced supervisor and she aims to keep both clients and counsellors safe.

How will counselling make me feel?
Counselling is often a very painful and personal process and the situation in hand may feel worse at first. This is a normal part of the healing process, which over time leaves the client feeling restored to full emotional health.

Will I feel better straight away?
Some people do feel better straight away, others take a little longer. Everyone is unique and it’s important to remember this.

Does it work for everybody?
Counselling is not a universal cure and so it doesn’t work for everybody. Discussing deeply personal and painful things is a process that oftentimes, clients don’t fully commit to, but when they do, the effort is worth the results.

Will I be able to have therapy that understands my cultural background?
Pauline works with clients from a range of backgrounds, cultures and belief systems and is open to being challenged where a client has cultural concerns.

Is all therapy the same?
No. There are different methods and approaches to counselling therapy. Pauline is an integrative counsellor, utilising the best skills from several models to suit the client. Every person is different so it is important that therapy is tailored to the individual. 

Fees for counselling vary, subject to qualification. This will be discussed at your initial free consultation. Email Pauline for more details.

A few years ago I was going through a nasty divorce and suffering from anxiety and depression. I didn’t know where to turn then someone recommended Pauline for counselling.The understanding and empathy I received was incredible. Having someone who would listen and not judge, who guided me through my problems, enabled me to turn my life around.I am now a confident and very happy lady but I could not have done it without Pauline. She is amazing!